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lundi 6 avril 2020

AMBITION - Merrill et Maryse à ANTIGUA

This is the Jolly Harbour, Antigua anchorage where Ambition is “stuck” …. clearly not a bad spot to be in at all. Ambition is the black speck top right - two white boats to the right of us.

Today is day 4 of lockdown and everyone is remaining on board with the exception of going for groceries in the morning. The line-ups are super long and after trying twice to get in on Thursday last week, we decided that we will eat through our reserves and the next emergency will be to get beer, wine and rum! Those are my priorities … Maryse’s involve more green vegetables!

To help satisfy our need to be social, I started last Friday, a daily VHF radio Sundowner / cocktail net at 5:30PM. We are getting at least 30+ of the boats to participate in sharing adult beverages around the microphone, discussing their boat projects accomplished (since we do have the time now) and then finish off with a quiz - we have had a music quiz for artist and title with just a few of the intro bars…. another on bizarre sailing terms. Tonights will be a “what do you know about Canada" quiz! A number of the other boats have already signed up to represent their country, for a similar quiz for the next nights!

At some point we will find out when we might be able to get a flight home and until then …. we will just keep enjoying social distancing in the anchorage!

All is good on board Ambition
M and M

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