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vendredi 4 novembre 2016

AMBITION _ Merril et Maryse se joignent à l'ARC vers les Iles Vierges Britaniques

Sunday at noon is the start of the ARC1500 Rally from Portsmouth VA to the British Virgin Islands. A run of about 1500 miles at sea. So far the weather indicates that we will have a fantastic ride south starting with a few days of winds from behind us which will make for a very pleasant drive through the Gulf Stream. As we head towards Bermuda it looks like the winds will be predominately east so we will have the wind over the side of the boat making for a fast ride. In both cases it may well be a lot of miles under spinnaker - we will be moving right along!

You can follow us and see how we are doing in comparison with the rest of the fleet of 35 boats in the rally - remember that the first to arrive is not always the winner as each boat has a handicap rating that will be used to calculate the finish positions for each boat. It is not a race but anytime two or more boats are going in the same direction … is a race!

You can also follow us on our own satellite tracking system as well as send us messages of encouragement at -

I have also tried to keep the blog updated at

We are soon anxious to get sailing after spending months getting Ambition ready. There is only 2 small items left on our to do list so all is good on board. Maryse has been busy doing a thousand items to make life on board a wonderful experience - she has all the meals made and sitting in the freezer - this girl is organized! The boat is spotless in and out - we are READY TO GO!

The rally folks are incredible and the experience with the ARC Rally is priceless!

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