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lundi 23 mars 2020


From Lynn Kaak

Latest updates as of 09:30 March 23

This will be my last update. If you haven't figured out that moving around is risky, I can no longer enable reckless behaviour. When restrictions start being relaxed, I'll be back.

This is for yacht/pleasure craft clearances only.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this. This was truly a community effort.

TRINIDAD is closed.
ST LUCIA is closed.
ARUBA is closed
BONAIRE is closed.
CURAÇAO is closed.
BVI's are closed.
ST MAARTEN (Dutch) is closed Monday. It appears the French side will be doing the same.
ANGUILLA has a mandatory 14 day quarantine.
BERMUDA is closed.
DOMINICA is closed.
GRENADA is closed.
MONTSERRAT has a mandatory 14 day quarantine.
MARTINIQUE is closed.
GUADELOUPE is closed.
TURKS & CAICOS will be closed as of Tuesday, March 24

ANTIGUA only has check in and health at Heritage Quay in St John's, you must pre register with . Call ahead using the numbers attached to make life easier.

ST KITTS Port Zante (including Marina), Deep Water Port (Bird Rock), Christophe Harbour and New Guinea (St. Kitts Marine Works). You must dock at one of these points of entry. The list of banned countries and nationals from those countries is growing.

NEVIS Charlestown Pier and Long Point Deep Water Port. You must dock at one of these points of entry

SABA and STATIA are in lockdown.
PUERTO RICO is in lockdown. Ports are open.

USV's ports are open but more land restrictions.
SVG no restrictions. Yet.

BERMUDA is closed to yachts.
BAHAMAS have banned all inter-island sailing, but borders are open (not if you've been in a banned country in the last 20 days)

If you are told to quarantine, don't mess around. You asked that country to take you in and trust you, it is now up to you to do your part. Fines and jail time are possible, never mind jeopardizing the health of those around you.

Good luck all.

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