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mercredi 10 mai 2017


Notice to Mariners

Hudson River – Troy

May 10, 2017

Mariners are advised that the white danger buoys stationed downstream of the dam at the Troy Federal Lock have been reported located south of their stations. Mariners are also advised that due to high water levels and high current buoy G “231” at the downstream entrance of the lock is mostly submerged. This is a steel buoy and so is potentially more hazardous than a submerged foam buoy. Mariners approaching the Troy Federal Lock are cautioned to do so with extreme caution. Lower powered vessels may find maneuvering particularly difficult.

Chart 12348 covering the affected area can be found at http:​//www.​canals.​ny.​gov/navinfo/charts/12348.​png​ or http:​//www.​charts.​noaa.​gov/OnLineViewer/12348.​shtml​

Features along the 12 miles of the Hudson River leading up to the junction of the Champlain and Erie Canal are listed by mileage at http:​//www.​canals.​ny.​gov/wwwapps/navinfo/navinfo.​aspx?waterway=​hudsonriver​

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11:39:29AM 5/10/17

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