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mercredi 15 avril 2015

NYCTEA - Danielle et Michel dans la Baie de Chesapeake

We have finally made it into the Chesapeake. We are at the junction where we can cut off toward Norfork or head up. We have 96nm to go reach our marina which is SHIPWRIGHT MARINA in Deale, Maryland. If we can reach it during the day light we will enter if not we will have to wait till morning. The entrance into Herring Bay seems narrow and shallow.

We can tell we are further north as it is soooooo cold. We are wearing all of the warm clothes we have. It has been raining since yesterday. The dampness is penetrating our little bones. No matter how much you try to keep the cockpit dry, the condensation in the air penetrates everything. I guess this is Welcome Home.

Alot of cargo traffic throughout the night. We had to stall the boat to let two cargos go by. The swells are large and making the boat uncomfortable but on the bright side, we had 10 days of perfect sailing until we reached Wilmington and that is what we will save to memory.

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