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lundi 13 avril 2015

NYCTEA - Danielle et Michel à WRIGHTSVILLE (NC)

We did leave yesterday morning and had an interesting day.

We travelled 86nm for a grand achievement of 20 nm in the right direction. Talk about a frustrating day. We were beat up with waves and winds up to 32 knots. Nyctea was doused with salt water from all angles. Flying our storm sail. Needless to say the captain was somewhat discouraged as well as the crew ... Me and my dog .

We anchored in Wrightsville 20 nm at 5:30 pm . Wrightsville is 20 nm away from were we began our day at 7:45 am. Again, if you have boats in the area, this is a great anchorage. Drop the hook in a hard sand bottom. We actually did not feel the boat moving all night and had to remind ourselves that we were not in a marina.. Well one good positive aspect of our day.

Our position is34.12n077.48W

We are departing in about one hours time to try to round the Cape one more time. We need to make it today as I see there is weather on Wednesday. Hope to be able to talk with you tomorrow.

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