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dimanche 8 novembre 2015


CSSN has received a detailed report about a recent incident in Chaguaramas Bay from Jesse James, Members Only Maxi Taxi Service, and a board member of YSATT, the yachting association. He is also the SSCA Cruising Station Host and the OCC Port Officer for Trinidad, and has helpfully provided the facts to CSSN so that the cruising community can fully understand this incident.

The commercial Tug boat, Ms. Anne, was anchored in the most westerly end of Chaguaramas Bay (away from the anchored yachts).

At approximately 0530 HRS on November 3rd, a local pirogue pulled alongside the tug seeking assistance for repairs to their boat. There was 1 crew-member on deck and he willingly tried to assist. Unknown to him another local pirogue pulled alongside on the other side of the tug and 4 other men boarded the tug.

When the one crew-member went to get his tools to provide assistance he was met by 3 men with handguns who demanded cash, jewelry, cell phones and drugs. When they were refused, they took the Captain into another room where they beat him up in order to get what they wanted, which they eventually got. They got approximately $5000USD, cell phones, and jewelry. They then tied up all 6 crew-members and left.

The crew managed to free themselves, and contacted the Coast Guard. The captain was taken to the hospital where his injuries were treated and he was released. The Coast Guard and local police have begun an investigation, but without results so far.

Mr. James also acknowledges that while there is significant local crime in Trinidad, often violent, however, it is usually drug/gang/turf/trafficking related, and has occurred in other areas of the island. There have been no major crimes against cruisers reported in recent times.

Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad – Armed boarding/robbery/assault of a commercial tugboat

By CSSN in News on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.

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