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vendredi 4 mars 2016


Mars 2016 - Rodignard (Diane et Richard) mentionnent que c’est très simple au niveau des formalités et les douaniers viennent directement à la marina
Prendre un court séjour – maximum 7 jours et si l’on décide de quitter la 5ème journée on appelle à la marina et le douanier se rend sur place pour effectuer la clearance OUT

IMPORTANT d’entrer à la MARÉE HAUTE - très peu profond ou s’ancrer plus au large de la marina et d’y aller en dingy si tirant d’eau de 6.5 pieds


South Side Marina is situated on the south coast of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, just 40 minutes sailing time from Sapodilla Bay and on the direct route from Florida to the Virgin Islands, almost exactly midway between the two.
We are here to make your time both at the marina and on Providenciales as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as we can.

Owner and General Manager: Bob Pratt

Phone Numbers:
649-231-4747 (Bob's Mobile)
649-946-3417 (Office and Fax)


Radio call sign:
Southside Marina. Contact on Ch 16
Switch to working channel as directed

Street Address:
26 Turtle Tail Drive, Venetian Road, Providenciales
Mailing Address: South Side Marina Ltd.
PO Box 229
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies
Land approach: From downtown Provo, go East on Leeward Highway and turn RIGHT at roundabout signposted Venetian Road. Continue on Venetian Road for approx 1 mile past end of paved road. Look for concrete driveway on RIGHT marked “Southside Marina and “26”. Turn RIGHT up driveway, over hill and down to Marina. Office is situated on right.

Rates Season 2013-2014

Regular Slip $50.00 per day
Oversize Slip $75.00 per day
(Vessels greater than 15ft 6" beam or 50ft overall length)

Regular Slip $1000.00 per month
Oversize Slip $1500.00 per month

Regular Slip $700.00 per month (min 6 months)
Oversize Slip $1050.00 per month (min 6 months)

Docking Only $5.00 per day
Docking plus Day Pass $20.00 per day

Boat on Trailer $125 per month
Trailer Only $40.00 per month

Electricity $0.56 per KW + variable fuel surcharge
Water $0.15 per gallon
Wi Fi $5.00 connection plus $1.00 per day
Laundry $5.00 per wash, $5.00 per day
Garbage Disposal $2.00 per bag (included in dockage)

Lift Out / Lift In $80.00 per movement
Other use $75.00 per hour

Water $1.00 per bottle
$2.50 per gallon


• Diesel and gasoline fuel, 2 stroke oil
• Reverse Osmosis water in hose
• Bathroom with shower
• Wi-Fi internet – ask for password
• Temporary cell phone rental
• Nearby supermarket and liquor store
• Weekly cruisers’ BBQ. Wednesday evenings 6.00 pm
• Cruisers’ exchange library
• Ice and bottled water
• Laundry: self service washer and dryer
• Daily cruisers’ net and weather forecast. Channel 72 at 7.30am
• Taxis and rental cars on call
• Medical, dental and veterinary services in vicinity
• Scuba diving adventures

Please note that there are many other providers on Providenciales, most of whom may be found in the local telephone book. These below are the ones we generally use and like ourselves.

Grocery IGA Graceway Supermarket, Leeward Highway » visit website

Liquor IGA Supermarket or Wine Cellar, Leeward Highway » visit website

Marine Store Walkin Marine, Blue Hills Road, Downtown Tel: (649) 946-4411
Hair New Waves Hair Salon, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 946-4826
Car Rental Scooter Bob, Turtle Cove Marina (Will deliver and pick up) Tel: (649) 946-4684
Cinema Leeward Highway (up to date releases) Tel: (649) 941-3541 » visit website

DVD Rental Video wave, Turtle Cove Tel: (649) 941-4946
Pizza take out Pizza Pizza, Cinema Plaza, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 232-1068
Hardware Do It Centre, Leeward Highway
Packages and letters Fedex, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 946-4682 » visit website

Medical Associated Medical Practices, Medical Building,
Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 946-4242 » visit website

Dentist Medical Building, Leeward highway Tel: (649) 946-4321 » visit website

Airlines Provo International Airport Tel: (649) 941-5670 » visit website

Bookstore Unicorn Books, Leeward Highway, by IGA Tel: (649) 941-5458
Veterinarian Turks and Caicos Veterinary Services, Peggy Lane Tel: (649) 946-4353
Animal Rescue TCSPCA, Susie Turn, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 941-8846 » visit website

Dive Companies located at or near South Side marina
Caicos Adventures (649) 941-3346 » visit website

Provo Turtle Divers (649) 946-4232 » visit website

Flamingo Divers (649) 946-4193 » visit website

Ocean Vibes (649) 331-1104 » visit website

Restaurants and bars The islands main industry is tourism and there are literally dozens of restaurants and bars to choose from. Most advertise in the enclosed magazine, but here are just a few favorites:
Bob's Bar, At South Side Marina. Situated up the driveway overlooking the marina.
Da Conch Shack, Blue Hills Road. Very casual island style on beach Conch and seafood only. Recommended for lunch. (649) 946-8877 » visit website

The Tiki Hut, Turtle Cove Marina. You will find at least one of us here every Friday night. Wednesday is rib night. Breakfast at weekends. (649) 941-5341 » visit website

Mango Reef, Grace Bay. Resort poolside restaurant and bar. Best lunch menu on island. (649) 946-8200 » visit website

Coco Bistro, Grace Bay. Expensive, but for a great night out in a tropical garden setting, can’t be beaten. (649) 946-5369
Sibonne (Bay Bistro), Grace Bay. Pleasant lunch time venue, excellent evening menu. Also serves excellent Breakfast with best view on island. (649) 946-5547 » visit website

Magnolia, Susie Turn, Bar and restaurant (pricey). Best evening view over Turtle Cove.
Caicos Cafe, Grace Bay. Recently changed ownership from French to Italian. Excellent menu, especially appetizers. (649) 946-5278
Vino Tiempo, Grace Bay. Sophisticated, quiet and comfortable Wine bar. Light but delicious appetizers only. (649) 946-8466
Vix, Grace Bay. next door to Vino Tiempo. Interestingly different menu. Good for lunch or supper. (649) 941-4144

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