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samedi 22 décembre 2007



We just had a bit of excitement - Brings home how precious life is.
We have just arrived at Chub Cay in the Bahamas after crossing from Palm Beach Florida.

After sailing 24 hours with wind 25 Knots close reach at 5pm yesterday a light aircraft ditched 200 yards in front of us 10 miles north of NW passage light and out of sight of land or other boats.

It flipped upside down and broke up leaving wreckage and two swimmers. We were able to deply our Lifesling and pick up the two pilots...unharmed! No one else on board.

We called for assistance and transferred them to a fast sports boat to get them quickly to Chub Cay and to call off the air sea rescue they had called for. We were told today they were on missionary work from Palm Beach, so Someone was looking out for them.

Now there's a plane wreck in 15-20 ft of water in quite a busy place so we hope Coastguards can warn mariners and someone can set buoys near the wreck.

When we left the tail was still sicking out of the water. Very dangerous at night. And by day if it goes under.

Position was 25.33.815 North and 78.18.720 West but there is a strong enough current to perhaps move the wreck.

Can you try to get this information to Coasguards at Fort Pierce to pass on?

Sue and Richard

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