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mercredi 17 décembre 2008

CHATEAU - Nicole et Gary à ROATAN

Greatings from Roatan……..

First let me apologize to all our friends for being so tardy with this email. Truth of the matter is you are in our hearts and minds frequently, but for me to sit at the computer and write a long email is a major undertaking. I get cramps in my fingers. Both of them!

As you know, we left Panama after deciding not to live and invest there. Nothing wrong with Panama, we just didn’t have that “warm and fuzzy feeling” we thought we would have.

Next stop was Rio Dulce Guatemala. We sat out hurricane season there. 5 months. Great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Beautiful country. The Mayan culture is alive and well. The weaving and embroidery they do is beautiful. And very inexpensive. Tikal, they biggest Mayan ruins is impressive and well worth the trip to see. It is amazing the massive cities and civilization they created 2000 years ago.

After leaving the “Rio” we came back to Honduras. Roatan Island to be exact. So far we like it here and are starting to put some “feelers” looking for a job and a new place to call home for awhile. The island has a good feel to it. It was just on the brink of major development and investment when the economy in the States took a dive. Now things are on hold. That could be a good thing for the island. It will slow down the explosive growth that plagues so many places that are called Paradise.

Nicole had some minor heath problems that seem to be a thing of the past now. Alpha is still being Alpha. We think of “Lady P” every time Alpha goes fishing. For those of you that don’t know “Lady P”, she was Alpha”s best four legged friends on the sailboat “Famous Potatoes” for most of a year. I’m still plugging along and doing what I do best. Just being me.

We are looking forward to having our “kids” with us for the holidays. They arrive the 20th for three weeks. It will be great to have them here. It’s always good to see them, but the second reason is we get to go play and be tourists for awhile.

Everyone who has never lived on a boat knows all we do is sit in a hammock under a palm tree and drink the local beer every day. Sure, in our dreams.

I hope to go to the States in January to see my Mom. Vermont in January! I really need to seek professional help about these informed decisions I’m making! But, I promised.
I will try to be a bit more timely with my correspondence.

I try to get Nicole to write a general email, but she says her English is not good enough. Guess who corrects all my spelling and grammar. It’s hard to criticize someone who speaks three languages.

Big Kiss and hugs from all aboard “Chateau” and have a very happy and healthy holiday season.


Gary, Nicole and the crazy dog Alpha

P.S. If anyone can send me the time and frequency for the “Coconut Telegraph” I would appreciate it. We are usually on the NW Caribbean net At 0800 local or 1400 UTC on 6209 kHz.

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