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dimanche 15 janvier 2012

RAYMARINE - procédure réinitilisation C80 et autres

MERCI À Denis (Prana) de nous avoir fait parvenir cette procédure si rapidement


If you are experiencing problems with your C70, C80, C120, E80 or E120 display resetting itself, or
randomly turning itself off, there are 2 troubleshooting procedures that may resolve the issue:

1. Ensure that none of the buttons are stuck under the edge of the display's front fascia.
When the Multifunction Display is first installed, or any time after the front fascia has been removed,
it is very easy to get the edge of one or more of the rubber buttons trapped under the edge of the
plastic fascia. This is particularly prone to happening if the snaps that secure the fascia to the display
are not fully engaged around both the outside perimeter of the fascia, and the insider edge
surrounding the LCD display.
E-Series display with soft key trapped under fascia.
You can free the buttons from under the edge of the fascia by applying pressure to them with a
fingertip, and rotating your fingertip in a circular motion. When the button is properly through the
fascia it should sit centered within its hole, and you should feel a positive "click" of the internal switch
when pressing and depressing each button. If trapped buttons were found, releasing them will return
the display to normal operation.
2. Reset the display.
Your display may require a reset which will erase any stored waypoints, routes and tracks.
If your MFD's menus are accessible:
Backup your personal data CompactFlash memory card. Please see Answer #1145, Backing up
waypoint, routes and tracks on C and E-Series for complete instructions.
Once your data is backed up you can reset the display using this procedure:
1. If your MFD's menus are accessible, perform a "Settings and Data" reset from the System
Setup menu. Press the MENU key, then scroll down to the "System Setup" option, and
toggle the track pad right.
2. Scroll down to the "Settings and Data Reset" option and toggle the track pad right.
3. Under the word "Factory Reset?" press the softkey corresponding to YES. The display will
restart momentarily.
4. The display should reboot into normal operating mode.
If your MFD's menus are not accessible:
You will not be able to backup your personal data. We can reset the display though using this
1. Press and hold down the first soft key (next to the power button.)
2. Keep holding the soft key down while the display reboots. A "Factory Reset" countdown will
be displayed. Keep holding the first soft key until the countdown is complete.
3. The display should reboot into normal operating mode.
Once your display has returned to normal operation you should check its operating software version,
and upgrade to the latest version (if applicable.) The latest update for your model is 3.31. It will be
displayed on the message that appears during start up. This is an important update because
changes were made to the WAAS satellites and your E80 will not recognize the satellites without this
update. Click this link to download the update: Raymarine V3.31 update

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