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vendredi 7 juin 2013


The Winlink web server is down today for the first stage of a move to new hardware. If you operate a gateway in the system you may notice error messages appearing in your log regarding an inability to contact the MySQL database at, or something similar. Also, some administrative programs may not operate as expected, timeout or complain of an inability to communicate with the server. These conditions are to be expected in this circumstance and can be safely ignored. Some features of RMS Express also may not behave as you expect while the server is down.

Normal radio email service is not affected.

We are in the process of changing the hardware platform on which this server runs. The benefits of upgraded and more modern hardware will be with us all as we move forward. Thanks to all who support the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation. Your donations make the system get better all the time, and keep it reliable.

Lor W3QA
WInlink Development Team

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